LifeTec Group

LifeTec GroupLifeTec Group has a prominent position in high-tech cardiovascular engineering, providing complementary expertise, knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to the biomedical industry, clinic and academia Lead Scientist: Marco Stijnen. Key competences and facilities: cardiovascular engineering, offers dedicated (R&D) services in the field of biomedical technology. contract research, product and enabling technology development, consultancy, and medical device testing and evaluation.

FEops NV

FEopsFEops, a fast growing high-tech spin-off company from Ghent University, is a recognized pioneer in the field of physics-based simulations for minimally invasive cardiovascular devices and procedures. We apply this technology from bench to bed, by offering advice to medical device companies as well as to medical specialists and physicians. Our computer simulations have proven to provide medical device developers and manufacturers with unique insights, thereby speeding up R&D processes and supporting device safety. Physicians, for their part, benefit from new patient-specific insights that help them work more efficiently while, most importantly, improving patient safety.
Lead scientist: Matthieu De Beule, co-founder and CEO.
Key competences: Business development, computational biomechanics of minimally invasive cardiovascular devices and procedures and advanced geometrical (e.g. patient-specific) modelling.

Materialise NV (MATERIALISE)

MaterialiseWorldwide reference centre in the field of 3D printing and medical image data handling for engineers. Employing close to 1000 highly trained professionals. Lead Scientist: Eefje Verhoelst MSc., PhD.BME Research Project Manager. In the field since 2011. Research interests: Patient-specific cardiovascular applications from CT & MRI images.Key competences of the unit: software for patient-specific engineering based on medical images and 3D printing of medical models. TLEMSafe, AirPROM, A-FootPrint & CustomIMD.

Bioengineering Laboratories S.r.l. (BEL)

BELCompany with more than twenty years of experience in the design and manufacturing of disposable medical devices. Employing about 28 people, BEL owns manufacturing units equipped with ISO 7 clean rooms for a total surface of 400 m2. Lead Scientist: Francesco Greco MSc, President and CEO. In the field since 1980. Research interests: Design of medical devices, with particular reference to devices for vascular accesses; Key competences of the unit: Design, development and manufacture of sterile medical devices for Urology, Urodynamics, Heart Surgery, Haemodialysis and Advanced Therapies (disposable bioreactors and scaffolds).

Philips Medical System Nederland BV (PHILIPS)

PHILIPSPHILIPS Healthcare is a world-wide reference centre in the field of medical imaging equipment. The unit involved in the project is the Dept. of Magnetic Resonance. Lead Scientist: Marcel Breeuwer,, PhD. Principal Scientist at PHILIPS Healthcare Best, Part-time professor Biomedical Image Analysis at Eindhoven Univ. of Technology. In the field since over 25 years. Research interests: medical image analysis & modelling. Key competences of the unit: R&D in the area of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment and software applications for

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